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The KURE Squad is comprised of a qualified team of yoga and health specialists (a.k.a Holistic Hustlers) ready to put their energy and skills towards helping you reach your goals. Everyone at our studio believes in mind and body connection and will share with you through movement and even music on how to achieve. Get in touch to learn more about our incredible team — we’re looking forward to being a part of your healthy lifestyle.


Bernadette Hewitt

   Bernadette (PT, FIS) has been in the health and fitness industry for over 25 years as a fitness specialist and personal trainer.  

   She is certified in yoga, pilates, Tabata and all group fitness modalities.  Bernadette is passionate about living a clean, active and healthy lifestyle and sharing her knowledge with her students and clients to help them do the same. 

  As a resident of Beachville, Bernadette enjoys gardening, walks in our great trails and spending time with her amazing husband, 4 awesome boys and 3 four legged furry friends.


Cynthia Cormier

   Cynthia is a 200-hour Kripalu Yoga teacher, has her bachelors of science in Kinesiology, and has over 10 years of experience as a massage therapist.

   Having a continuing interest in health and wellness, Cynthia was originally drawn to yoga for stress relief and to assist in her conditioning as a runner and triathlete.

   She was drawn Kripalu yoga because of its use of breathe, meditation and movement. Kripalu yoga has taught her that the practice is not only about stretching the body, but that it contains many principles applicable to the health of body, mind and spirit, not only on the mat but off.

   When she is not practicing yoga, you can find her at her massage therapy practice, enjoying the outdoors, traveling, and spending time with friends and loved ones.

She is excited to join the team at Kure and to be able to share with others her passion of yoga.


Emily Innis

   Emily (Buti Yoga Certified Instructor/ Reiki Master) is passionate about all things woman wellness related, she believes that by empowering woman we can empower men too.

   To Emily, Buti yoga is much more then just a physical practice, but it fiercely marries the spiritual and physical worlds together offering a truly life changing experience.          

   Breaking down obstacles to self love with a fierce and accepting tribe and some great tunes!


Joeline Parsons RHN, C.C.Ir.

Co-Owner of KURE & Registered Holistic Nutritionist, Certified Clinical Iridologist.

   As a nutrition expert, author and mom Joeline knows just how important healthy eating is and how challenging that can be in ‘real-life’. As a self-confessed foodie who loves cooking, Joeline often fills her home with a feast of dining. She pursues good health by maintaining a whole food diet, and loves gym training, running, yoga, and walking her two Labrador retrievers.

   Joeline sought a career in which she could provide value to both people and the environment. She began her journey by graduating from Fitness and Health promotion which lead her to one on one personal training, group fitness classes as well as competing in fitness competitions herself. Her strong belief in the healing power of a whole foods based diet and healthy living led her to the Canadian School of Natural Nutrition, where she obtained her Registered Holistic Nutritionist designation. Joeline then continued to extend her knowledge in holistic health by graduating from the Canadian Institute of Iridology.

   Taking the time to learn whole foods and the basics of nutritional science has been the single best investment in my own health and the health of my family. Not to mention, because of this knowledge I have significantly decreased my impact on the environment and have learned many techniques to maintain a healthy home.

   Joeline believes moderation is key; its simple extremes don’t work. There is a lot of power in making small changes to bring about improved health.


Melissa Ublansky

Co-Owner of KURE & Yoga Instructor 

   Melissa is a wife, mother to two amazing kids and 3 fur babies. 

Everyone calls her Mel. She is passionate about health and wellness for the mind and body and has worked successfully in the industry for several years. One of her favorite practices has always been yoga. While living in Vancouver in her 20's, she was introduced to yoga and watched it change her life then and has continued to grow her love for it over the years.

 After moving to Ingersoll over a decade ago, had always wished there was a local studio. Finally, decided to follow her passion and become a certified yoga instructor...and hasn't looked back.  LOVES teaching yoga to everyone of all ages and levels.

Mel has her 200 RYT and Buti Yoga certification. 

Mel believes that yoga is a way of being and  when practiced regularily, can benefit everyBODY inside and out!! She is excited to share with others in the community and surrounding area, that in todays world, yoga is strongly recommended and needed by everyone. 

She leads her classes in an easy going way, will always challenge you, while making sure you are having fun.  

   Erin Miller 500 ERYT brings her vast yoga experience and shares an eclectic mix of yoga styles. 

   From the soft stylings of yin yoga stretches to the dynamic expressions of acrobatic inspired yoga, Erin will lead you on a journey of compassionate curiosity and joyful growth. 

   Hold space for the “I’m Possible”


Erin Miller

Erin Miller

   Erin Miller 500 ERYT brings her vast yoga experience and shares an eclectic mix of yoga styles. 

   From the soft stylings of yin yoga stretches to the dynamic expressions of acrobatic inspired yoga, Erin will lead you on a journey of compassionate curiosity and joyful growth. 

   Hold space for the “I’m Possible”

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Leanne Hennessy

   Leanne is a Certified Canadian Yoga Alliance 200 hour Registered Yoga Teacher. She love to inspire and guide people to connect through yoga, to their inner self; learning to stand firmly in their Truth and to shine their Light from the inside out.

   Leanne enjoys and teaches many different types of classes from gentle to flow to children's yoga. 


Maddy Gratton

   My name is Maddy and I am so excited to be apart of the team here at Kure!

   I found a love for health and fitness at a young age and quickly discovered the positive impact a daily yoga practice has on my physical and mental well being.

   This realization led me to become a yoga teacher, allowing me to share my love of yoga with everyone! I have completed my 200 HR teacher training with Power Yoga Canada and 40 hours of Assisting Intensive training and have been teaching since 2016. 

As well as being a yoga teacher, I am also a certified personal trainer. I so grateful that I get to wake up each and every day and share my passion for living a healthy and happy life.


I can’t wait to see you on your mat! 


Makhaya Richards

Makhaya was born and raised in Bozeman, Montana, USA. She grew up loving the outdoors and practiced an active, healthy lifestyle from a young age. She enjoys cooking, hiking, biking, working out, and doing pretty much anything outdoors! Makhaya is a dance teacher as well as a registered yoga teacher. She is 200hr certified through 5 Elements Yoga Teacher Training Program and the Yoga Alliance.


Certified to teach Hatha yoga, including vinyasa flow, prenatal and postnatal yoga. Her teaching focuses on wholistic yoga benefits, connecting breath with movement, mindfulness, alignment and balance(both physical and inwardly) in a fun supportive environment. Makhaya’s goal is to encourage participants to appreciate the bodies they are in, as they explore their personal practice through mindful movements within their range of motion!