Welcome to KURE Fit & Flow studio located in the beautiful town of Ingersoll Ontario.

We are an inclusive studio that explores various expressions of yoga, movement, health, wellness, and fitness forms alike for all. We are not your typical yogis.  We love to sweat, experiment with poses and move to music. We love connection as much as we CRAVE release from the everyday. KURE encourages individuality, dedication, and commitment to supporting yourself and others around you. KURE not only believes in providing a beautiful space for you to come practice, but we are a place that you can feel safe to be you. Judgements, insecurities, fear and EGOS are left at the door! Our classes are both physically and mentally challenging, but are geared to ALL levels.  We know our clients WILL see results, sweat and release.   We want to be your daily KURE; the place you come to connect with your mind and body.

KURE Yoga Studio

KURE is committed to providing education to our community and surrounding area. We want to share, support, and provide motivation towards healthier and fulfilled lives within our town and beyond. Through movement, nutrition, and community, KURE is with you and is here to encourage you along your journey as you grow.


Your First Visit

Class is open 15 minutes before, so you can get settled in…relaxing. Door to building is locked once class begins, unless there is another teacher present at studio. So don’t be late!!!

  1. Please be sure to book your spot at www.kuresoul.com, we will not be able to book a space for you. Pre-booking must be done prior to your arrival.  Anyone who has booked and does not show will be charged for their space. Bookings may be made 2 weeks prior to class and cancellations may be made up to 4 hours prior to class.

  2. We ask all members entering the studio to use the available hand sanitizer at the front door.  We have 3 sinks in the studio that are available for hand washing during your visit.

  3. All personal belongings may be placed in a bucket to ensure cleanliness.

  4. You are welcome to bring your own props to class.

  5. We are cashless and paperless.  As usual we will continue to accept VISA, MASTERCARD and DEBIT for purchases.  Purchases for classes may be made in studio or in the comfort of your own home at www.kuresoul.com.  Receipts can be        e-mailed.

  6. We ask that any member who has been advised to isolate, has come in close contact with a positive COVID-19 case, has a cough, fever, shortness of breath, has travelled out of country or is feeling unwell please stay home. By entering the studio you agree to these conditions.

  7. There are no cell phones permitted in the studio.


*Please respect personal space and limit talking in the studio.*

*** We do not offer refunds at KURE however do offer account credits***